Trans Russian arrested for testosterone possession


Trans activists in Russia have called for all criminal charges against a trans man who bought hormonal meds abroad and imported them to Russia. The man named Vladyslav bought hormones in Belarus for 1.5 years to transition. He was forced into buying the testosterone online because it is very hard for Russian trans people to receive hormonal treatment. ‘I bought on foreign websites – that is, Belarus. For a while-these eighteen months-everything was fine,’ he told Zona Media, ‘I did not even know in principle that it was forbidden.’ ‘They introduced themselves and said that they had received a tip about me that I was getting something illegal at the post office,’ he said. ‘They took me to their car… seized my parcel, opened it, there was a drug – as they expected, as I expected.’ They asked him whether he was an athlete using doping or the drugs were for sale and he replied that he needed them because he is trans.He was then charged smuggling of superpotent substances. If convicted it carries a jail term between five and 10 years and fine of 1 million roubles (US$17,740).


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