Trans Georgian spoke out about being publicly beaten


A transgender activist in Georgia has been attacked by a group of people in Tbilisi park where dozens of witnesses just ignored her tears and begging for help. Sharing her story on her Facebook page, 23-tear-old Miranda Pagava said that she was taking a taxi at 4am when a man called out to her saying she was cute and should have gone over to him. When she ignored his advances he started screaming “are you a boy or a girl?”. After attempting to find refuge in a shop in a market nearby Pagava says she was then attacked by an iron bar, causing a gash on her left eye that blinded her. Pagava asked shopkeepers to call the police, but they refused, alongside security guards nearby, citing that it was not their problem but the police’s.“I refused to go the hospital because I knew that there homophobic doctors there, and I did not have the strength to deal with such stress,” she wrote, “I have published this post with the help of a friend who helped me write it because I can’t see from my left eye.”


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