Liz Carr called out a shop for banning her trans friend from changing room


Actress Liz Carr has spoken out against Marks & Spencer after her transgender friend was not allowed to enter the store’s changing room. Carr shared a tweet from her wife Jo, adding on her own behalf: “Sigh… I bloody love @marksandspencer normally (especially the food!) but this happening to a friend of ours is just rubbish. M&S please look at your staff’s actions and question your offensive treatment of trans customers using changing rooms. #ItsAlwaysYourFight #SilentWitness”. Jo, in turn, wrote that the trans woman was told it was not Europe. ‘What does it even mean?’ the woman asks. After stating how unacceptable it was, she added: “There is no place for #transphobia in our society. Big corporations like @marksandspencer should lead by example”. A spokeswoman from M&S told the Evening Standard: “We want our customers to feel comfortable and enjoy shopping in our stores. Our changing rooms, wherever they are located in-store, are available for all customers to use with respect to other customers’ privacy.” She added: “We urge the customer to contact our customer services team so we can investigate this as a priority”.


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