Man ‘found restrained’ in serial killer’s home


Bruce McArthur, 66, who worked as a landscaper, faces five counts of first-degree murder over the deaths of victims who lived in Toronto Gay Village. Dismembered remains of bodies were found by police in planters at properties linked to McArthur, sparking a search for more remains at other houses where he worked.To date, dismembered remains of at least three individuals have been recovered from the backyard of a residence. The remains have not yet been identified. CBC reports that when police raided McArthur, Toronto home, a man was found in restraints. Sources told the outlet that officers believed the man to be in imminent danger at the scene, and subsequently arrested McArthur. Police spoke to the men who apparently had sex with the killer. The police detective added that the force was dedicating “unprecedented” resources to the case. Police have urged anyone who may have employed McArthur to contact them so they can search the area where he may have worked.


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