Oldest Catholic university in the US apparently moved funds from hateful groups to pro-LGBT ones


The oldest Catholic university in the US has been accused of redirecting donations meant for an anti-LGBT group which campaigns for ‘traditional’ marriage to groups that support LGBT. Love Saxa is an orthodox student group which is known for its opposition to LGBT rights in general and same-sex marriages in part. President of the group, Amelia Irvine, wrote in an op-ed for the University’s newspaper, The Hoya, that Love Saxa’s definition of marriage excludes same-sex couples because they cannot produce children naturally. The group’s promotion of its anti-LGBT views led to it facing sanctions by the university late last year after students petitioned for it to be recognised as a hate group. Love Saxa was threatened with being defunded and barred from campus facilities in light of the petition. Now, the group have claimed that donations they have received from outside sources are being redirected to the university to LGBT rights campaigners. Allegedly, the donator received a receipt stating that his donation had gone to the LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve. Irvine claims that a separate $100 donation was donated to the Saxatones, an acapella group in the university that often works with LGBTQ organisations. She says a further $250 that was deposited has yet to show up in the account, but the donor has not had a receipt. The group has now sought out legal representation for The Alliance Defending Freedom


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