Pupils should be taught about LGBT at math lessons, report recommends


Stonewall launched the guide, sponsored by Pearson, which is designed to help schools build an LGBT inclusive curriculum which reflects the diversity of people’s lives and experiences in modern Britain. The guidance recommends to tell pupils about LGBT issues across different school subjects even if they don’t seem to be related to LGBT. There is a place for LGBT even in math. “Explain that Alan Turing was a famous mathematician who played a vital role in cracking the Enigma code during World War II. Provide pupils with some information about Alan Turing’s life, including the arrest and trial for his relationship with another man. You could also use the [discussion] to talk about the historical treatment of gay people by the secret services,” the guidance says. There are also suggestions for teaching about LGBT issues in Geography, Science, Art, Drama, English, PE, and Religious Studies. Education publisher Pearson has supported this Guide as part of its ongoing relationship with Stonewall, of which it is a founding partner, and its wider objective to ensure all of its products and services are showing diversity and inclusiveness of different groups of society, including LGBT. 


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