Amber Rudd believes both parents should be mentioned in certificates


Ministers have backed proposals to review the “outdated” legislation which means that only a father’s name is included on a child’s wedding certificate because there are people who were born in same-sex families. It means that they have either 2 fathers (and have to choose between them because only one can be included) or two mothers (which means that neither of the parents can be included). Scotland and Northern Ireland have changed their laws previously and both parents are already included in the wedding certificates there, so Ms Rudd believes the same should work for the rest of the UK. There are also those who were brought up by single mothers, and they are also beyond the current law. “A marriage is not just a major event for the couple but also in the life of any parent – and it is only right that all parents have the opportunity to have their names included on marriage certificates,” said the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to The i. The ruling is to come in action in England and Wales soon.


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