Rose McGowan canceled a book tour after a scandal with a trans woman


Actress Rose McGowan has cancelled all upcoming public appearances after a public row with a transgender woman last week. The scandal concerned transphobic remarks Rose used to make on RuPaul’s podcast and she refused to take them back and even say much more words which would allow to label her as a transphobe. In a series of tweets, McGowan said that she had been “verbally assaulted for two full minutes” and that she had given enough to the public, suggesting that the trans woman she had a scandal with was just a paid actor hired to spoil her reputation. She then went on to condemn Barnes and Noble, where she was hosting her book signing, and the members of the audience who initially did not react. McGowan said that her staff and the audience were ‘complicit’ in the incident and that they had failed her multiple times.


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