Auckland Pride is accused of spending taxpayers’ money


Taxpayers’ money is being used to fund a five hour gay fisting festival, according to campaigners. Taking place between February 2 and 18, Auckland Pride hosts a series of events and activities focused on celebrating pride of being LGBT, it is one of the biggest LGBT-related events in the city. The pride event is partly funded by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), causing some to raise concerns that monney from taxpayers is to be wasted on parties. KIWIFIST promises “a full-on, five-hour-plus, gathering of gay and bi men into fisting and arse-play big-time” and advises participants to come with their own lubes and sex toys if they need ones. Ratepayers’ Alliance Auckland, a local campaign group “dedicated to championing prudent fiscal management”, raised concerns that the event is being funded using public money.Jo Holmes, spokesperson for the group, said: “I’m certainly not someone who would have concern with Pride, however I have concerns personally as a member of the gay community with the direction Pride is going with its events, and as a spokesperson for ratepayers, I can see no justification at all for ATEED to be sponsoring an event like KIWIFIST. Sex parties do not benefit the general ratepayer.”


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