German bishop says same-sex unions should be blessed


A leading bishop has called for the Catholic church to show more support to same-sex couples. Cardinal Reinhard Marx, president of the German bishops’ conference, reportedly called for same-sex unions to be blessed as same-sex marriages were recognized by the country’s law last year.After years of campaigning, things moved swiftly in Germany’s parliament with a vote being announced, carried out and successfully passed in a matter of days. Chancellor Angela Merkel gave her Christian Democratic Union party a free vote in the proposal put forward by the Social Democrats – though Frau Merkel herself said she did not support same-sex marriages as a person, but is readty to follow the public opinion as the leader of the country. According to the Catholic News Agency, he told the Bavarian State Broadcaster the bishops should be responsible and supportive towards their congregations even in those issues which they are unable to regulate. Following question marks over whether Cardinal Marx specifically endorsed the blessings, saying that his words allow to make a conclusion that he supports blessing same-sex couples and their unions.


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