Illinois governor candidate blasted over a transphobic advert


A Republican candidate for the role of Illinois governor has been slammed for refusing to take down an advert with transphobic slurs even though her own party demands to remove it and apologize. Lawmaker and state representative Jeanne Ives released the advert, which is a take on a former advert run by current governor Bruce Rauner. Ives’ take on the ad portrays a transgender woman, a woman wearing the pussy hat which is now synonymous with the Women’s March and a black woman. The trans woman with a provocative masculine appearance thanks Rauner “for signing legislation that lets me use the girl’s bathroom”. The women in the pussy hat gives thanks to Rauner “for making all Illinois families pay for my abortions”. The teacher makes a dig about pension bailouts for Chicago teachers, a cost that fell onto taxpayers across the whole state. Rauner has since called Ives “unelectable” but refused to comment an issue and apologize.


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