Kentucky state police jokes about rape


Kentucky state police made a crude rape ‘joke’ during the Super Bowl game last night about Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. They tried to praise him for playing but they used a very rude pun to express it. “Enjoy watching @Robgronkoski (TE) play but if you drink & drive…your tight-end may end up in jail! #designateddriver #Super Bowl,” they wrote. The tweet was written alongside a picture of a bar of a soap on a rope, referring to rapes committed in prisons. The joke was immediately lambasted by Kentucky officials including Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes, who called for an apology, saying that joking about sexual assaults is unacceptable, especially from those whose task is to protect the citizens and to make them obey the laws. Four hours after the joke was posted, the police department deleted it and issued an apology. “The Kentucky State Police apologizes for the inappropriate tweet that appeared on our Twitter feed earlier tonight. Making light of sexual assault is never acceptable, and we apologize for the distress this tweet caused, particularly to the victims of these heinous crimes. KSP is committed to protecting against sexual assault and fighting for justice for victims. This tweet – made by an individual employee – does not represent KSP or our mission.”


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