Super Bowl fans mistakenly came to a gay bar instead of sport bar but were not disappointed


A group of Eagles fans settled down in a gay bar in Minneapolis to watch the Super Bowl. It was not a sport bar and they could not watch the game in the atmosphere they expected, but they were completely satisfied with what they received as an alternative. They stumbled across The Eagle Bolt Bar, a downtown venue that many believed was an Eagles-themed bar. A flood of Philly Eagles fans entered the bar, but native Mineeapoitans burst with laughter. As well as fans oh the Philadelphia team, fans of the opposing Patriots were also drawn to the bar. Owner Ed Hopkins said he was pleased the two groups of fans could drink and watch the game in harmony with each other – no matter if the venue was a gay bar or not. “It assumes there is something wrong with realising you are in a gay bar,” he said. “The people in tonight enjoyed being in our place.”


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