Activist Andrea Marra wants to be the first trans official in her state


Activist Andrea Marra has announced that she is running for a seat in the New York Senate. And if she succeeds it means that she will become the first transgender Senator in New York State. Marra is taking on current seat holder, Democrat José Peralta, to be a representative in District 13 in the state, meaning that she will represent Queens, Astoria and Jackson Heights. She ran for the Senate believing that it is time to finally replace the current seat holder. “We need new, honest leadership to protect and expand affordable housing; modernise the broken MTA; deliver the funding our schools need and deserve; and invest in New York’s overburdened public hospitals,” she said in a statement. The woman has a long experience of fighting for LGBT rights, in part working for GLAAD. Marra, who was adopted from South Korea, grew up in New York and moved to Queens nearly 10 years ago. She hopes to be able to give back to the community by representing the minorities living in the district, with 60 percent of residents being of immigrant origin and many identifying within the LGBTQ realm.


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