Courtney Act: Gay men can have straight friends


The drag CBB winner who was a good friend of Andrew Brady at the show reveals that there is nothing unusual. Yes, Shane aka Courtney is attracted to all genders while Andrew is straight, so what? Does it mean they cannot be friends? It definitely doesn’t, they ensure. The unlikely pair sparked a budding bromance in the show and their relationship gripped the hearts of viewers from across the nation as the two started getting closer. Andrew admitted that if Courtney were a real-life woman, not a drag persona, he would fancy her. And Shane admitted that he would fancy Andrew if he had a chance. But Andrew likes women and only women, so it’s okay for the two to be friends. Of course, when a man attracted to men has a straight friend, it can lead to unmutual love, but it is not that case, love can have any shape – passionate or friendly, love is love, and Shane mutually loves Andrew as a friend.


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