Elderly lesbian sues caring home for discrimination


Marsha Wetzel moved into the Glen Saint Andrew Living Community in Niles, Illinois, after her partner died losing a battle with cancer.She is now suing the home for failing to protect her from abuse, in a landmark case which could ensure that the Fair Housing Act covers LGBT-protective measures. A 70-year-old lesbian has been spat on, pushed over, slapped and told to burn in hell just for who she is. Her in-laws rejected her, so the woman cannot just move out of the caring home – she has no place to go. She was “shunned, completely shut out” and not even taken to the funeral of Judy, her partner with whom they were together for 30 years. After being housed in the care home, she made lots of new friends who started abusing her when her sexuality was revealed. So she took action – but not just for her. “How many other gays in these retirement homes are going through what I’m going through?” she asked. “I want to stick with this and get justice, and I want people to know: stop pushing us around.” Remembering Judy, she said her partner had been “so generous of herself, so giving so loving. So pretty”. I know she’s rooting for me, and she’d be happy that I’m doing it for her, and she’d be happy I’m doing it for myself.”


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