Leading psychiatrist says anti-LGBT rhetoric from politicians can be directly connected with suicides


A leading psychiatrist has said that anti-LGBT rhetoric from politicians can literally cause people killing themselves. Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Professor Dinesh Bhugra explained that being discriminated against based on your sexuality or gender identity is actually a key cause of self-harming and suicidal thoughts within the LGBT community. And when it is done by the top people of the country, the pressure increases, their self-esteem drops down, they are ignored and erased and it makes them think they do not deserve living. Social and political backgrounds are the factors which can provoke these hidden thoughts that are typical for all LGBT people who struggle at first with accepting themselves and then with other people accepting them. “If there is no equity and one group is seen as inferior then it is inevitable that there will be problems in self-image and self-esteem and that may contribute to the feeling of worthlessness,” said the doctor.


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