VICE magazine’s offices were stormed by anti-gay activists who were quoted in one of the articles


The offices of VICE magazine in Romania were stormed last week by far-right ultra-nationalists, who, mildly speaking, disliked that fact that they were mentioned in one of the magazine’s articles last year. In the interview, which was published in July, Mărincuş talked about being part of a demonstration against the first ever Pride event in the second largest city of the country. The activists then said that people chose being gay and homosexuality was a disorder. Calin Mărincuş, a former kickboxer who runs the Facebook page ‘No Islamisation of Romania’, was interviewed last year by VICE Romania writer Ovidiu Tiţă and he is the one who expressed such a viewpoint and who is completely dissatisfied that it was expressed. Once inside, by telling a receptionist that they had a meeting with a VICE manager, Mărincuş criticised staff saying they were too progressive (like there is something offensive in being progressive). Mărincuş added: “Shame on you. You do not represent young people in Romania.”


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