Australia is to make PrEP cheaper


As New Zealand revealed a plan to make PrEP drugs more affordable, Australia decided to do the same thing. Australian HIV organizations are feeling very confident PrEP will be given the green light to become cheaper less than in 24 hours. It’s not currently subsidized as a HIV preventative drug in Australia. That means it can cost those who take PrEP about $10,00 (US$7,828) a year and people prefer to import it from abroad. But tomorrow the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) will hand down its decision as to whether PrEP can be added Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). It means that the meds to be approved as reliable and necessary. Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt will reportedly move quickly to have PrEP added to the PBS. That would bring the cost of a prescription down to $39.95.


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