Bermuda: Marriage equality is abolished. Again


Only half a year after recognizing same-sex marriages the former British colony has announced that they would be replaced with civil partnerships. A bill to introduce domestic partnerships was approved without amendment last year and replaces same-sex marriage with the partnerships. The Governor of Bermuda has signed the bill into law yesterday. But LGBT and human rights groups have already expressed their dissatisfaction with such a decision because it made Bermuda the first country in the world to repeal marriage equality. The Governor noted that same-sex civil partners will have the same legal rights as opposite-sex spouses (except a right to be called spouses, of course). The Governor also says this addressed concerns that Bermuda should be in compliance with European court rulings about equal treatment for same-sex couples. The bill to abolish same-sex marriage was last year approved with 24 votes for and 10 against in the Bermuda House. The Domestic Partnership Act 2017 replaces same-sex marriage with domestic partnerships.


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