Church in Michigan slammed for counselling lesbian teens


A church in Michigan has been slammed for offering ‘gay cure therapy’ covering it by an innocent name of counselling. The Metro City Church in Riverview, Michigan launched a six-week course for girls between 12 and 16 called the “Unashamed Identity Workshop”. The course targeted girls who believed they might have same-sex attractions or be trans. The advertisement for the workshop has since been removed from the website of the church after thousands of people challenged it. The campaign against the church was led by Sara Cunningham, who came across the church’s course after a friend posted about it online. She felt compelled to lead the charge against the Michigan church because she was ousted from her church after her son came out as gay. Pastor Jeremy Schossau of the church claimed that they were not trying to force people to take the counselling but only offering it those who want it. He said: “Over the past week we have gotten thousands and thousands of emails and messages. The vast majority are filled with vulgarity, hate, and threats of all kinds.What we find incredibly odd is there is no seeking to understand what we are truly doing. Only the assumption that we are practising some sort of conversion therapy.”


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