Could Deadpool have a boyfriend?


The leading actor Ryan Reynolds says that he is totally ready for his character, who identifies as pansexual, to have a same-sex love storyline in the sequel. The trailer for Deadpool 2 has finally been released. There is a new antagonist in the shape of the time-travelling guns-blazing Cable. Secretly the child of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and the Phoenix (Jean Grey), Cable is set to be a hilarious foil for the quippy anti-hero. When the first film was released in 2016, Reynolds said that it is great that his character is ppansexual and it is possible for him to break all boundaries. He believe that the movie industry needs more such characters in future. Producer Simon Kinberg said the filmmakers wanted to honor the character’s sexuality in the first movie and were definitely open to showing Deadpool with a boyfriend in a future installment.


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