Indian gay drama gets child-friendly rating


Evening Shadows centers on a young man in Southern India who struggles with telling his mom that he likes boys. It has received a U/A rating from the CBFC film board in Mumbai. This means parental guidance advised for anyone under 12, which means that the movie is child-friendly. ‘Myself and my team are so thrilled with this,’ said the film director. He believes that now it will open more doors and give more chances to see it, not as a gay movie, but as a story about love and complicated relationships between parents and kids. ‘We are speaking to distributors right now, but the financial commitments needed for a theatrical release pose a huge challenge for an independent crowdfunded film. However there is a good healthy buzz about the film and we are sure that will interest the distributors. We are really keen for the film to get a satellite distribution and this U/A certification can make it a possibility,’ the director says.


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