Sam Smith and Adele conspiracy theory


Two Brits. Two talented singers. Two LGBT activists. They both sang soundtracks for James Bond movies. One of them is a gay man himself. The other one is a straight woman who brings up her son in a total gender neutrality and thinks it would be great if he came out to her one day. Adele and Sam Smith really have much in common. And some people brought theses similarities to the level of absurd. Twitter user @jesse21 suggested that if to slow down Adele’s hit ‘Hello’, she sounds quite similar to her Oscar-winning colleague. A lot of other Twitter users had fun responding to the tweets saying that nobody has ever seen Adele and Sam Smith together, so they might be hiding something. Others, in turn, said that if we play Sam Smith’s songs faster we won’t hear Adele. But one thing is clear – fans want to see and here the two British songbirds singing together!


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