Shoe designer says straight men send a lot of negative feedbacks on high heels for men


A new shoe designer is hoping to destroy the stereotype that high-heeled shoes cannot be masculine. Daniel Bush is the director at Cross Sword, a new shoe brand targeting men to wear such shoes to be more graceful and look taller if they need to. While the brand hasn’t officially launched yet, Bush began promoting the designs on Facebook and there is already a lot of hate from the potential customers. ‘No one’s actually slagged off the product itself, but men feel offended when high heels land on their homepage. It’s nothing we wouldn’t see as normal bigotry,’ the designer complains. He is a straight man himself and wears such shoes. He sees nothing wrong in it and recalls that they are even more comfortable than some flat shoes.‘I had never worn heels before in my life and when I tried them on and walked around, I spent all afternoon in them. I was totally comfortable walking around in the park with them and doing everyday things. And after a while, I forgot I had them on,’ he said.


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