Turkish LGBT campaigner is released from prison but the case continues


Ali Erol, a Turkish LGBTI human rights activist, was held captive last week by the authorities who arrested him right in his own home where he lives with his partner. The reason of the arrest remains unclear but it has been alleged that the authorities disliked his social network posts. According to a report from OutRight Action International, the case is still under judicial review. Erol will also have to periodically appear before the police and they forbade them to leave Turkey. Yildiz Tar, the Media and Communications Coordinator at Kaos GL, said this secrecy is common in Turkey. ‘First they detain, ask questions about something, then they prepare the charges and we can only learn it in trial or just before the trial,’ Tar said. Homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey but it is socially unaccepted due to Muslim faith.


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