Lesbian couple to star in McCain ad after the negative reaction on the gay couple


Frozen food company McCain will feature a lesbian couple in its new advert after a gay couple in their last ad campaign faced tonnes of homophobic abuse online. The new campaign, Here’s To Love, will debut on TV featuring a number of loving couples including lesbian dancers Kimberly and Molly. “Love doesn’t care about gender, where you’re from or what others may think. It won’t judge on ability or so-called disability,” the ad states. Love cannot be normalized, unified or put in the box. Love is love and it is beautiful.

Lee and Mat Samuels-Camozzi were subject to a number of horrific slurs on social media after appearing in the McCain chips advert with their young son Carter. People compared the couple to paedophiles, labelled them as sick and accused them of neglecting their 19-month-old son Carter for not having a mother present in his life.


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