1 of 3 LGBT teachers hides sexuality due to fear of staying jobless


The news comes from polling conducted by teachers’ union NASUWT at the LGBTI Teachers’ Consultation Conference and the results are quite concerning because they showed a regress in LGBT acceptance among teachers. A real-time electronic poll of members attending the Conference found that 30% hide their LGBT identity when they are at school. While out LGBT teachers serve as important role models for pupils, attendees raised fears about discrimination, bullying and stereotypes about LGBT people that are really hard to tackle. Shockingly, more than a third (38%) said they have experienced discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation in the last 12 months because of their sexuality or gender identity. And nearly six in ten (58%) said they have experienced colleagues making stereotypical assumptions about them based on their LGBTI identity. Meanwhile nearly a third (29%) said that levels of anti LGBTI bullying and language have increased or stayed the same in their school in recent years, and nearly half (49%) say they would not recommend teaching as a career to family or friends.


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