Charlie Sheen’s former friend says the actor is bi


Baseballer Lenny Dykstra has outed the actor Charlie Sheen saying that struggling with sexuality was the reason for him starting taking drugs. Dykstra revealed that due to failure to accept his bisexuality Sheen started taking different illegal substances. Opening the letter, Dykstra wrote that he was a “broken-down baseball player” and that he found himself “deeply entrenched in the most epic Hollywood meltdown” sh he tried to help his friend but could not do it. The sportsman believes that the actor’s “inability to accept his sexuality eroded his self-worth irreparably, thereby initiating a cascade of inexplicable decisions that resulted in unthinkable consequences”. He thinks that Charlie Sheen should not have bothered about coming out because the audience would have accepted it. “In Hollywood and the Arts, sexual orientation does not preclude an individual from achieving a successful career. Hence, Charlie’s problem is not one of public acceptance of his sexual orientation, but rather, Charlie’s inability to accept his own sexuality,” he wrote. Sheen has not commented the allegation yet.


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