Gay skater Adam Rippon has earned an Olympic bronze. Congratulations!


Olympic ice skater Adam Rippon took a bronze medal for Team USA at the Winter Olympics in his debut performance. Skating to Coldplay’s “O” and “Arrival of the Birds” by Cinematic Orchestra, Rippon was awarded a score of 172.98, so thanking to him his team has got 8 more points. The gold winner was Eric Radford from Canada who is also openly gay. Radford will compete again in the pairs tournament while Rippon will perform another men’s single. “I want to throw up. I want to go over to the judges and say, ‘Can I just have a Xanax and a quick drink? I’ll be fine.’ But I kept it together,” Rippon said following the win. People celebrated Rippon’s medal online calling him a real American hero and saying that he was incredible. Rippon was on the winter Olympic team in 2014 but he didn’t get the chance to compete. Speaking about working towards the 2018 games, he said that he had “worked my entire life for this moment”.


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