School teacher lost her job after marrying her female partner


Jocelyn Morffi had been working at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Miami, Florida, for seven years. Her little pupils (first-graders) loved her and it was totally mutual. She encouraged them to hold different charity activities to help people in need. But everything broke down because her spouse is a woman and that is why the school officials decided that she was ‘not Catholic enough’ to represent them. According to her former bosses she violated a point about morality from her employing contract. Lesbianism is not mentioned in the Bible, so formally it is not forbidden to be Catholic and a lesbian at once. The teacher added that she now also has to try and find a new venue for Teach Hope – her movement that helped homeless people and was supervised by the school. Many parents stood in support of the teacher. And one parent shared a video of their daughter reciting a prayer she was taught by Mrs Morffi. They wrote: “This is what Jocelyn Morffi taught my daughter in the first grade. Yet catholic school fires her solely bc she got married…to a woman. Such a loss.”


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