Europe’s largest sexual health clinic launches PrEP service on demand of the patients


56 Dean Street, in central London, is now offering a prescription service for HIV-preventing pre-exposure prophylaxis, or shortly PrEP. The National Heath Trust financially supervised the investigation of the demand on the medicine and this investigation made it clear that there are too many men who want (and need) to get PrEP but they are currently unable to do it. The PrEP Shop will provide a generic version of the drug for £55 a month for those who missed out on a spot in IMPACT, the official NHS trial. The scheme is a first for the NHS as it prescribes a generic version of PrEP (in place of a more costly branded version, Truvada) outside the IMPACT trial. Last year an investigation into the economics of PrEP found that could save the NHS as much as £1bn. The statement on the official website reads: “We’ve created PrEP Shop to make it easier for you to buy generic HIV PrEP from someone you trust. By using the buying power of the NHS we aim to keep prices as affordable as we can.”


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