LGBT Olympians digest 2018. Brittany Bowe


Brittany Bowe represents the USA in the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea. She is a speed skater and these Olympics are the second for her, though the first since she came out publicly. She has eight gold, one silver, and two bronze medals from the world inline speed skating championship. In speed skating, she has specialized in the 500, 1000 and 1500 meters, and she won the bronze medal on the 1000 meters distance in the 2013 World Single Distance Championships. In the 2015 World Single Distance Championships, she won the gold medal on the same distance, as well as another gold medal in the 1500 meters, and the silver medal in the 500 meters. Two weeks later, she also won the 2015 World Sprint Championships, winning all four races along the way. Herr female partner Manon Kamminga is also a speed skater. She is from Netherlands and has represented her country in several prestigious competitions. Brittany’s life credo is to do what you love and she follows it in every sphere of life – from sport career to private life.


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