LGBT Olympians digest 2018. Jorik Hendrickx


Jorik Hendrickx is a figure skater representing Belgium in the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea. The two-time national champion is competing at his second Olympics, in the Men’s single figure skating. He revealed he was gay right before going to South Korea for the Olympics, though he insists that his sexuality is not the factor which defines him as a person and as a figure skater. The 25-year-old from Turnhout, Antwerp, is a two-time national skating champion. He made his Olympic debut at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, placing 16th. His nearest and dearest have always known that he was attracted to men but he preferred not to reveal it publicly as he was going to take part in the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Russia is known for its anti-LGBT reputation so he did not know how his coming out could affect him then. This Olympics is something of a family affair for Hendrickx, who qualified for the 2018 Games in September 2017, months after his younger sister Loena did it. Hendrickx says he’s “realistic” about his goals for the 2018 Games, which will likely be his final Olympics “”Above all, I want to perform well. I have improved, but also my competitors. If my performance is good in itself, then I am satisfied.”


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