LGBT Olympians digest 2018. Sarka Pancochova


Sarka Pancochova represents Czech Republic in the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in South Korea. She is a snowboarder and these Olympic Games are the third in her career following Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014. However these Olympics are special because these games are the first for her to compete as an openly lesbian athlete. She came out as a lesbian in 2017. She started snowboarding in 2002 but Czech mountains were not the best place to train and to compete, though sh has won a silver medal at both the World Championships and X Games, she has always had Olympic ambitions and wanted to get more and more. She is a human first of all, then she is an athlete and only then she is a lesbian. She thinks that those athletes who are afraid to come out just need to understand that it is not a big deal who you are attracted to. Everybody loves everybody and accepts everybody. It should be so, but if it is not, it is a problem of those people who cannot accept you, not yours. It should never be a reason for you to escape from who you are.


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