MPs are targeted with offensive anti-LGBT leaflets


Leaflets claiming that being gay or transgender leads to “misery and death” have been sent to MPs of the UK telling them to oppose LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education which they have previously promised to support. The leaflet’s authors said that being gay was as sinful as adultery, lying, violence, stealing or overeating. A parliamentary staffer who was distressed to receive the leaflet said that it is clear from the note attached to the pamphlet that it came in response to the announcement about the compulsory relationships education in all schools across the country. The text reads: “I am merely pointing out that the current fashion for praising and promoting a gay or transgender lifestyle among schoolchildren is not a good thing, but a thoroughly bad thing, like promoting smoking, adultery, lying, violence, stealing or overeating, etc.” It also mistakenly assumed that same-sex relationships are unstable in most cases. The leaflet is signed off with a web address that does not exist now (the account must have been deleted after the pamphlet was printed).


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