Sean Hayes’ husband spoke about the family life


Sean was appearing at a live Q&A for the show, with his husband Scott supporting him and speaking about how much he loves his second half. When a member of the audience said: ‘Can I ask your husband what it’s like being married to you? Are you always funny?’ Sean jokingly replied that living with him is a total nightmare. But Scott noted that their marriage is based on three L – loving, laughing, living. So, the two laugh a lot. But sometimes it is not so funny when people see no difference between Sean and his character, Scott shares:
I know Sean sometimes gets a little exhausted with trying to always be “on”. When he’s in public a lot of people think he’s Jack, and only refer to him as Jack. He’s like “Actually it’s Sean!” And they’re like, “Nope, you’re Jack!”’ Sean then said: ‘I constantly have anxiety. […] That’s actually where a lot of Jack comes from. Because it’s in front of people I have anxiety. But when I’m not I’m so boring.’ His husband concludes that Sean appreciates fans’ love and attention, but still needs to have a little bit rest from it from time to time.


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