Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok. The secret the First Lady could not hide


Mrs. Roosevelt was that type of the First Lady that wanted to change her country but did not like any publicity. She said she had never been dreaming about becoming the President’s wife but would try to do the best she could, understanding the whole responsibility of it. But on the other side of the coin, if she had not been the First Lady, she would have never met one special person in her life. Lorena Hickok was the A.P. journalist. She wanted to get closer and closer to Mrs. Roosevelt to know everything about her, and it was too late when she realized that the desire of closeness was not professionally motivated. And it was mutual.The thirty-year relationship that ensued has remained the subject of much speculation, stemming from the evening of her husband’s inauguration, when the First Lady was seen wearing a sapphire ring Hickok had given her. Realizing that the chemistry between them is impossible to hide, the journalist resigned from the A.P. and all but moved into the White House. Formally she worked for Harry Hopkins, the head of the New Deal relief programs — a job Eleanor arranged — and reported, brilliantly, from the field about the lives of those affected by the ravages of the Depression. But in fact she did it just to be near the one she loved.


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