US Department of Education will no longer investigate trans bathroom cases


The US Department of Education will no longer intervene in transgender bathroom issues, it has been announced. The DoE made its decision to scrap investigating complaints about trans discrimination citing the reason as Title IX is not prohibiting discrimination against people on the basis of the gender identity. Elizabeth Hill, a spokesperson for the agency, told BuzzFeed that the 1972 title of the Education Amendments does not include any rules of how to behave with transgender people in bathrooms, this issue is not legally regulated. “The secretary would contend that it is the job of Congress or the courts, not the bureaucracy, to determine whether or not the term ‘sex’ under Title IX encompasses ‘gender identity,” Hill added. The Trump administration’s interpretation of Title XI scraps the definition by the Obama administration completely, as the previous POTUS insisted that trans students must have been legally protected and allowed to use bathroom facilities in correspondence with their gender identity.


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