Pansexual student hands out hundreds of flowers for nobody to feel alone


A pansexual veterinary student has made it her mission to hand out hundreds of flowers on campus on Valentine’s day believing that the day of love is the day when everybody deserves to feel appreciated and needed. Hatti Smart is a student at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), a world-renowned vet training school.  And she loves everyone, not only in that meaning that she identifies as pansexual. Smart knows that in February, students are beginning to feel the pressure and could be dealing with stress and anxiety due to being alone, so she decided to send a little bit of love to each and every one of them. “This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. To encourage people to get involved, we bought flowers and thank you cards for people to take and pass onto other people,” she told GSN, “It also just happens to be Valentine’s Day! So we thought it would be nice for those without partners to also receive some flowers!”


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