Terminally ill man was not allowed to give his sperm to conceive his kids when he dies because he is gay


A gay man who has cancer has been told that he cannot legally place his sperm in a sperm bank for his partner, he was told that the procedure is not provided for same-sex couples. Logan Morton was diagnosed with Leukemia in April last year and as part of his treatment, he must undergo chemotherapy that would make him unable to conceive. The 22-year-old from New Zealand was given the option to freeze his sperm for future use before starting the treatment, however, as he started the process he came to realise that his male partner won’t be able to use his biological material. Morton wants to know that if he cannot win his battle against cancer that his current boyfriend could bring up his kids if he wanted to. Fertility Associates is the fertility treatment organisation which has told Morton that his partner could not have access to his sperm. Dr. Mary Birdsall, the chairwoman of the group, said that they feel “terrible” for Logan and that they need to focus on updating the current policy.


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