Eric Radford was bullied but now his offenders are sorry


Growing up in a small Canadian town the gold medalist of the Winter Olympics 2018 had been abused because figure skating was not considered ‘cool enough’ for a boy. When he was seven years old, Radford watched figure skater Nancy Kerrigan in the 1992 Winter Olympics and understood that this is what he wanted to do in life. But his peers believed that as a boy he should have been obsessed with hockey only, otherwise all he deserved was pushing around. And it was so painful because at the same time he struggled with accepting himself and that fact that he was gay. Now, when he goes home to Red Lake, his former bullies approach him to say that they regret. ” I guess in a way it shouldn’t mean anything to me, but it’s nice to have their respect, and to know that those people have grown up, they’ve matured, and they’ve learned,” he said, adding that this pain only made him stronger and helped to achieve the success he has now.


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