Former LGBT Conservatives chair Matthew Sephton is imprisoned for child abuse


A former chair of the Conservative Party’s LGBT group has been found guilty of six charges relating to downloading and distributing images and pornographic content. Police found 31 indecent videos of children and 3,774 indecent still images of children on a computer and two phone that were possessed by 42-year-old Matthew Sephton. He was sentenced to 2 years and 9 month in prison. Sephton, who worked as a primary school teacher, served as the chair of LGBT group for 4 years before stepping down in 2014. During the trial he claimed that an on-off partner known only known as ‘Tom’ had put the images on his computer. Sephton claimed to have had an “ad-lib” relationship with the man whose last name and location were not known for him and he could not find him because he was arrested. Prosecutors did not believe that Tom existed, they think that this story was just an attempt to avoid punishment. The court was also told that he exchanged messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with another councillor in which the pair discussed sexual interest in underage boys. In one exchange, discussing a picture, Mr Sephton asked the other man: “How old is he?” The reply was: “About 14,” to which he said: “Yum – any younger?” Sephton’s parents wept in court as the judge handed the ex-politician almost three years behind bars.
He was immediately suspended from the Conservative Party at the start of the trial but remained as a councillor, serving as an independent.


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