Glam gay wedding in the Wetherspoons pub


John Foster, 39, married the love of his life Ozzy Da Silva, 48, in a flamboyant ceremony at the Knights Templar pub.  Both men work as hairdressers. They planned their special event in Camden nightclub, but it closed weeks before the wedding. So they asked their friends to recommend them a new venue, they picked Knights Templar.The central London pub boasts gold-topped columns, palatial ceiling and even a statue in the centre of the bathroom. In any other context it would probably be a very expensive wedding venue – but it happens to also be a JD Wetherspoons, and cost £3000. The pair went full-on showbiz for their big day – filling the Camden Wetherspoons with drag queens and women on stilts with pink feathers. “When I said I found a place people they said they know it, it’s beautiful, but they didn’t know it holds weddings, which is a shame because it’s so beautiful. People are just shocked about the venue. They were like, I can’t believe it’s a Wetherspoon. The main thing they are going on about is the toilets – they put sofas in and fountains and everything,” John said.


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