South African President and his opinion about LGBT


South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa has taken office after the departure of the embattled Jacob Zuma who was forced to step down in a wake of accusations of corrupt activity. The new President, who served as Zuma’s deputy from 2014 until this week, has a positive record on LGBT rights in comparison to Zuma.
As chairperson of the country’s Constitutional Assembly in the 1990s, Ramaphosa was a key player in the decision to extend constitutional protection of sexual minorities for the first time in the country and the whole world. Just a few months ago he recorded a video for an event celebrating the country’s LGBT community promising to support LGBT people no matter what and calling them beautiful. He also praised them for bveing courageous enough to resist discrimination and abuse. “Every South African must hold themselves, our communities, our institutions and our government accountable for upholding our laws and for protecting the rights of all in South Africa. I wish you a glorious evening and ask that you enjoy yourselves, affirm yourselves and your identities as well as your various diversities and celebrate your wonderful, beautiful, outstanding humanity,” he told LGBT South Africans.


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