UK Government faces demands to give equal marriage to Northern Ireland. Again


The UK government is facing fresh calls to secure equality for gay couples in Northern Ireland following the fail of the power-sharing negotiation. Talks for the restoration of a devolved power-sharing government in the region collapsed as DUP again refused to find a compromise with Sinn Fein concerning a number of issues, in part marriage equality. Following the collapse of power-sharing talks this week, the DUP has called for the UK government to begin direct rule over the region. In response, LGBT advocates have encouraged the UK government to intervene and to try their best for marriage equality being introduced in the region. Labour’s Ged Killen called on the Conservatives to extend the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, which governs equal marriage in England and Wales, to make sure that the unions can be recognized in NI. In a letter to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Karen Bradley he expressed hope that the new person on the post would do something that their predecessor could not do. The issue is sensitive for the UK government due to its reliance on the DUP for the parliament to keep the power and for the PM not to be dismissed.


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