Adam Rippon used to starve himself


The 28-year-old figure skater ended his Winter Olympics today with a tenth-place finish, after winning a bronze medal for Team USA earlier this week. But he has not always been so successful and tere was a period in his life when he hurt himself deliberately, in part by starving. He could not accept that fact that he was gay – these people are targeted, abused, offended, insulted, sent to camps. He overcame it and now he believes that gay people should be out and visible – just to stop this assault and abuse against the members of this community. He has stayed to these positions despite the inevitable backlash, responding to haters by calling himself – among other things – “a glamazon bitch ready for the runway.” Adam says it was not the worst thing he ever experienced. Rippon said he was opening up about his struggles with body image issues for the same reasons he came out and took on the role of LGBT activist – there are many people who experienced the same and they need to be supported and to know they are not alone.


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