Adverts for LGBT mental health service was branded exploitative


Pride Counseling, a subsidiary of online therapy site, Better Help, offers private counselling with licensed therapists for LGBT people who have problems with mental health but the social media users for whom the ads were created revealed that they felt offended with them.The California-based service predominately advertises itself on Facebook and Instagram. It offers unlimited online therapy via messenger and video calls for a subscription fee of $35-$70 (£25-£50) a week. Adverts promoted on behalf of the business include images of a rainbow covered young man crying, and videos of tearful LGBT people embracing those who they are about to become – their happy and loving selves. One of the users named Alma noted that such an advert “really rubbed me the wrong way”, because “a lot of LGBTQ people [are] cut off their families for safety and can’t exactly pay upwards of £30 a week for a service like this”. She added: “I think what makes me the most uncomfortable is that it’s almost capitalising off of [sic] the fact they know mental health services are difficult to access


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