Anthony Mundine denies claiming that gays should be ‘put to death’


A boxer has claimed that the media has “twisted” his own words to represent him in the worse light. Mundine, who recently appeared on the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, said that the ‘problem of homosexuality’ should be solved radically and capital punishment is one of the possible ways. “Because they are pushing these gay rights so much in the Western world, the paedophiles out there want their rights,” he said. And now he underlines that he is not against gays – there are such people and they are free to live their lives, even though he personally cannot understand why they are who they are, it does not mean that they don’t deserve life. He is against depicting them on screens because he is afraid that people would stop seeing the difference between standing for basic rights and legalizing immorality. Whether to consider homosexuality immoral is a disputable question, he insists, but there are those who behave immorally (like paedophilles) and they will look at gay rights being so actively promoted and start top promote their ‘rights’ as well. But he was trying to say that those who molest children (and these can be people of any sexuality) deserve capital punishment.


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