Trans sex worker who deliberately infected clients with HIV will spend 6 years in male prison


Perth woman Sienna Fox had been found guilty of grievous bodily harm by having unprotected sex with a man and infecting him with HIV. The 40-year-old sex worker was sentenced to 6 years in a male facility. The judge was unmoved by pleas for leniency from her lawyers, who had claimed she had been denied hormone treatment in prison. The sentence is likely to be served in the maximum security all-male Casuarina Prison. Criminal laws around the transmission of HIV are controversial, Australia is believed to be one of the strictest concerning this issue. The 40-year-old had visited a clinic called WA Substance Users Association in August 2014 in order to get tested for STIs. Following the test, a nurse confirms her status but hr attorneys insisted she had been unaware of it when she had had unprotected sex with the man. However, the prosecutor found that after Fox found out about her status she never returned follow up phone calls of messages. She continued to advertise as a sex worker online and two months after her diagnoses she began to see the client, whose identity has been kept anonymous. She saw the client for a period of ten months up until August 2015. During this period of time, Fox reportedly told the client that she was being tested regularly for STIs.


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